Custom handcrafted-designs


From consultation to finishing the final piece, we will be there each step of the way. We take everything into consideration; from hand size, to skin-tone, to the all important decisions in personal style and taste. With these things in mind, we work to create a ring that combines defines all of these preferences resulting in a final product that reflects you perfectly.


Remakes and remodels of old jewellery


If you’ve grown tired of an old design and would like to have it remodelled, we can adjust the existing piece to fit any style you desire. We can remodel any ring, pendant, earring or other piece of jewellery so you end up with a piece of jewellery that looks brand new!

Jewellery repairs


If a beloved piece of jewellery has broken or worn over the years and needs some loving care, feel free to bring it to me and we’ll restore it to its former glory.

Buying Diamonds


You can buy loose diamonds from Jewlz Handmade Jewellery before having them set in a piece of jewellery. We only sell jewellery that was ethically sourced and distributed by the respected local diamond wholesalers.


Buying a diamond or acquiring a piece of handmade jewellery can be challenging. We're happy to put our expertise at your disposal and help you make the best possible choices for your piece of jewellery.

Jewellery insurance claim


We welcome all insurance claims. We’re experienced dealing with all major insurance companies and work on your behalf to get the best possible outcome for you.


Duty free


Duty free shopping is a very simple process, we take care of everything for you. A duty free purchase simply means the ring has to leave the country and in turn you don’t have to pay GST on the purchase price of the ring. You simply collect the ring from our duty free store at the airport prior to boarding your flight.


For Example: A ring retailing for $9000.00 purchased duty free, you would pay $7826.00 saving you $1,174.00. A ring retailing for $20,000.00 purchased duty free, you would pay $17391.00 saving you $2,609.00.